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We are the most largest manufacturers of Polyethylene Tape in China for the Corrosion Control of pipelines and specialty applications A company supplying Polyethylene Coating Systems to the corrosion industry within the oil gas and water pipeline construction industry for both onshore and offshore applications A manufacturer of standard and specialty products High quality anti corrosion systems providing anti corrosion solutions for oil pipelines natural gas chemicals and water transmission and distribution pipelines etc Global supplier of PE corrosion system for metallic

Categories and Products

Polyken Pipe Coating System

Polyken 980 (Inner Wrap)

Polyken980 underground pipeline inner tape Polyken980 PE/Butyl Pipeline Inner Wrap Tape Polyken980 Black Gas Pipeline Inner Wrap Tape POLYKEN980 Pipeline Inner Wrap Tape POLYKEN980 Oil Pipe Inner Wrap Tape Polyken980 Black Anti corrosion Tape POLYKEN980 Cold Applied Pipeline Inner Wrap Tape POLYKEN980 Butyl Rubber Inner Wrap Tape Polyken980 Pipe Coating Tape POLYKEN980 Polyethylene Inner Adhesive wrap Tape POLYKEN980 PE Pipeline Anti corrosion Inner Wrap Tape Polyken980-20 Pipe Wrap Tape POLYKEN980 Polyethylene Anticorrosive Inner Wrap Tape POLYKEN980 Cold Applied Inner Wrap Tape POLYKEN980 Inner Wrap Tape For Oil Pipeline POLYKEN980 Inner Wrap Tape For Gas Pipeline Polyken980 PE Anti corrosion Inner Wrap Tape POLYKEN980 Polyethylene Pipe Coating Inner Wrap Tape POLYKEN980-15 Pipe Inner Wrap Tape POLYKEN980 Anti corrosion Inner Wrap Tape 

Polyken 955 (Outer Wrap)

Polyken955 Outer Wrap Tape Polyken955 Pipe Protection Tape Polyken 955 Pipe Anti Corrosion Tape Polyken955 Mechanic Protection Tape Polyken955 Polyethylene Wrap Tape Polyken955 Corrosion Protection Systems Polyken955 Waterproof Adhesive Tape Polyken955 Gas Pipe Wrap Tape Polyken955 Pipeling Anticorrosion Tape Polyken955 PE Pipe Wrapping Tape Polyken955-15 Outer Wrap Tape Polyken955-20 Outer Anti-corrosion Tape Polyken955-25 Pipeline Wrapping Tape Polyken955-30 Polyethylene Pipeline Wrap Tape Polyken955-15 Anticorrosion Polyethylene Tape Polyken955-15 Oil Pipe Wrap Tape Polyken955-15 Butyl Rubber Tape Polyken955-15 Corrosion Protection Tape Polyken955 15mil Outer Wrap Tape Polyken955 20mil Pipe Outer Wrapping Tape 

Polyken 930 Joint Tape

Polyken930 Pipe Joint Tape POLYKEN930 Pipeline Joint Adhesive Tape POLYKEN930 PE Pipe Joint Tape POLYKEN930 Pipeline Butyl Rubber Joint Tape POLYKEN930 Pipe Anti corrosion Joint Tape POLYKEN930 Pipeline Wrap Joint Tape POLYKEN930 Self-adhesive Joint Wrap Tape POLYKEN930 Pipeline Joint Wrapping Tape Polyken 930 35mil Joint Tape Polyken930 35mil Joint Wrap Tape Polyken930 Cold Applied Joint Tape Polyken930-35 4"X 50' Tape Wrap POLYKEN 930 4inchX 100ft Pipe Joint Tape Polyken 930-35 4"X 200' Pipe Wrap Tape Polyken930-35 4inchX 400ft Pipe Joint Tape Polyken 930-35 6inchX 100ft Coating Joint Tape Polyken 930-35 6inchX 200ft Pipe Wrap Joint Tape Polyken 930-35 6inchX 200ft Joint Wrap Tape Polyken930 Pipe Tape Black 6" x 50 ft Polyken 930 Polyethylene Tape For Gas Pipelines 

Polyken 934 Anticorrosion Tape

Polyken 934 Cold Applied Anti corrosion Tape Polyken 934 Pipeline Polyethylene Anti corrosion Tape Polyken934 Wrap Cold Applied Tape Polyken 934 Anti corrosion Repair Tape Polyken 934 Cold Applied Wrap Tape Polyken 934 Oil Pipe Coating Wrap Tape Polyken934 Series Anti corrosion Tape Polyken934 Anti-corrosion Pipe Wrap Tape Polyken934 Butyl Rubber Tape Polyken934 polyethylene butyl rubber tape POLYKEN934 PE Pipe Coating Wrapping Tape POLYKEN934 Anticorrosion Cold Applied Pipeline Coating Tape POLYKEN934 Series Anti-corrosion Tape POLYKEN934 Self Adhesive Bitumen Tape POLYKEN934 Anti corrosion Pipe Wrap Tape Bitumen Self-Adhesive Pipe Wrapping Tape Bituman Adhesive Pipe Corrosion Protection Tape Polyken 934 Anticorrosion Butyl Rubber Pipeline Coating Tape POLYKEN934 Polyethylene Butyl Rubber Protection Tape Pipeline Cold Wrapping Polyethylene Bitumen Tape 

Polyken GTC Coating Tape

POLYKEN Polypropylene Coating Tape Polyken PP Woven Cloth Tape Polyken Polypropylene Anti-corrosion Tape Polyken Polypropylene Pipe Wrap Tape Polypropylene Bituman Adhesive Tape Polypropylene Pipe Coating Wrapping Tape Polypropylene Pipe Corrosion Protection Tape PP Self Adhesive Bitumen Tape Polypropylene Rubber Adhesive Anti-Corrosion Tape PP Butyl Rubber Anti-Corrosion Tape Polypropylene Wrapping Corrosion Protection Tape Polypropylene Bitumen Self-Adhesive Pipe Wrap Tape Polypropylene Pipe Coating Wrapping Rubber Adhesive Tape Polypropylene Pipeline Cold Wrapping Butyl Adhesive Tape Polypropylene Underground Black Pipe wrap Adhesive tape Polypropylene Self-Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Tape Polypropylene Anti-Corrosive Pipe Bitumen Tape Polypropylene Gas Pipeline Wrapping Bitumen Tape Polypropylene Self Adhesive Waterproof Bitumen Tape Polypropylene Cold Applied Wrap Bitumen Tape 

Polyken 942 Coating Tape

Polyken942 Pipeline Rehabilitation Adhesive Tape Polyken942 Butyl Adhesive Tape POLYKEN942 Double Sided Adhesive Tape Double Side Butyl Rubber Wrapping Tape POLYKEN942 Double-sided Anti corrosion Protection Tape POLYKEN942 Double-sided Waterproof Rubber Adhesive Tape POLYKEN942 Pipe Wrapping Butyl Adhesive Tape Double-side Tape For Gas Wrapping Pipeline Double-side Anti corrosion Pipe Wrap Tape Double Sided Polyethylene Adhesive Protection Tape Double Side Polyethylene Butyl Rubber Tape Double Side Polyethylene Anti-Corrosion Protection Tape Double Side Polyethylene Anti-Corrosion Butyl Rubber Tape Double Side PE Anti-Corrosion Butyl Rubber Tape Double-side PE Cold Applied Wrap Tape Double Side PE Waterproof Rubber Protection Tape Double-Side Self Adhesive Anti-corrosion Tape Double-Side Self Pipeline Anti-corrosion Protection Tape Double-side Pipe Coating Wrapping Tape POLYKEN942 double sided anti corrosion tape 

Polyken 1600HT Tape

Polyken1600 HT Corrosion Protection Pipeline Coating Tape Polyken Pipeline Protection Anti-corrosion Tape PE High Temperature Cold Allpied Tape POLYKEN1600 HT PE Pipe Protection Tape High Temperature Polyethylene Adhesive Protection Tape High Temperature PE Butyl Adhesive Tape High Temperature Pipe Coating Wrapping Pe Rubber Tape High Temperature Polyethylene Pipeline Cold Wrapping Tape High Temperature PE Waterproof Rubber Tape High Temperature Pipe Corrosion Protection PE Tape 

Polyken Hot Applied Shrinkable Tape

Polyken Hot Applied Shrinkable Tape Hot Applied Sleeve Anti-corrosionTape Heat Shrinkable Protection Sleeve With 2.0mm*500mm*DN219 Polyethylene Heat Shrinkable Anti-corrosion Sleeve Heat Shrinkable Corrosion Protection Sleeve With DN114 PE Heat Shrinkable Anti-corrosion Protection Sleeve Polyethylene Heat Shrinkable Corrosion Protection Sleeve PE Heat Shrinkable Waterproof Protection Sleeve Hot Applied Shrinkable Pipe Coating Wrapping Tape Hot Shrinkable Pipe Joint Wrapping Tape Hot Shrinkable Anti-Corrosion Pipe Repair Tape Hot Shrinkable Anti-Corrosion Adhesive Tape Hot Shrinkable Pipe Corrosion Protection Tape Hot Shrinkable Pipe Waterproof Protection Tape Polyethylene Hot Shrinkable Corrosion Protection Tape Polyethylene Hot Shrinkable Pipe Coating Wrapping Tape 

Polyken 940 Aluminum Butyl Tape

Polyken940 Aluminum Butyl Tape Polyken940 Aluminum Flashing Butyl Tape Polyken940 Aluminum Foil Bituminous Tape Aluminum Foil Butyl Pipe Coating Wrap Tape Aluminum Foil Butyl Rubber Waterproof Protection Tape Aluminum Foil Butyl Cold Pipe Wrap Tape Aluminum Foil Butyl Pipe Corrosion Protection Tape Aluminum Foil Butyl Anti-corrosion Adhesive Tape Aluminum Foil Waterproof Bitumen Adhesive Tape Aluminum Foil Roof Waterproof Bitumen Self-Adhesive Tape Aluminum Foil Pipeline Cold Wrapping Tape Aluminum Foil Pipe Coating Wrapping Tape Aluminum Foil Pipeline Butyl Rubber Protection Tape Aluminum Foil Pipeline Waterproof Protection Tape Aluminum Foil Pipeline Anti-corrosion Self-adhesive Tape Aluminum Foil Self Adhesive Bitumen Tape Aluminum Foil Self Adhesive Rubber Tape Aluminum Foil Self Adhesive Pipeline Cold Wrapping Tape Aluminum Foil Self Adhesive Pipe Protection Tape Aluminum Foil Self Adhesive Pipe Waterproof Protection Tape 

Polyken Visco-Elastic Tape Coating System

Polyken Visco-Elastic Wrap Tape Polyken Visco-Elastic Anticorrosive Tape Polyken Pipeline Visco-Elastic Wrapping Tape Visco-Elastic Wrapping Butyl Rubber Tape Visco-elastic Anti-Corrosion Pipe Wrapping Tape Visco-Elastic Self-adhesive Corrosion Protection Tape Viscoelastic Anti-corrosion Pipe Wrap Tape Viscoelastic Pipe Coating Butyl Rubber Tape Viscoelastic Self Adhesive Pipe Wrap Tape Viscoelastic Anti-corrosion Pipe Wrapping Tape Viscoelastic Cold Applied Pipeline Repair Tape Viscoelastic Cold Applied Pipe Joint Wrapping Tape Viscoelastic Pipeline Cold Wrapping Protection Tape Viscoelastic Pipe Corrosion Protection Tape Viscoelastic Anti-Corrosion Pipe Coating Tape Viscoelastic Cold Applied Wrap Protection Tape Viscoelastic Self Adhesive Waterproof Pipe Wrapping Tape Viscoelastic Self Adhesive Pipe Coating Wrapping Tape 

Pipe Anticorrosion Materials

Pipe Inner Wrapping Tape

Pipeline Anti-Corrosion Inner tape PE Pipeline Inner Anticorrosion Tape POLYKEN Inner Wrapping Tape Polyethylene Gas Pipeline Corrosion Tape PE Oil Pipeline Anti-corrosion Tape Pipeline Anti-corrosion Polyethylene Tape Pipeline Anti-corrosion Self-adhesive Tape Butyl Rubber Anti corrosion Inner Wrap Tape Cold Applied Anti corrosion Inner Adhesive Tape Polyethylene Pipeline Wrapping Tape Pipeline Anti-corrosion PE Inner Wrap Tape Polyethylene Inner Wrap Tape for Underground Pipeline Pipeline Corrosion Protective Inner Wrap Tape Pipeline Anti-corrosion Butyl Rubber Tape Anti corrosion Polyethylene Inner Wrap Tape Anti corrosion Self-adhesive Inner Wrap Tape 15mil Underground Pipeline Inner Tape 20mil Underground Pipeline Inner Tape 15mil Anticorrosion Inner Wrap Tape 15mil Anticorrosion Polyethylene Tape 

Pipe Outer Wrapping Tape

Pipeline Outer Anti-corrosion Tape Pipe Outer Wrapping Tape Anti-corrosion Polyethylene Outer Tape Anti-corrosion white Adhesive Tape PE Cold Applied Wrapping Tape Polyethylene Butyl Rubber Anti-corrosion Tape Self Adhesive Anti-corrosion Tape POLYKEN Pipeline Mechanic Protection Tape Gas PIpeline Anticorrosive Tape Underground Pipe Wrap Tape Pipe Wrap Tape For Gas Line White Polyethylene Pipeline Anti-corrosion Tape Polyethylene Mechanic Protection Tape 15mil Pipe PE Anti Corrosion Tape 15mil Polyethylene Adhesive Tape 15mil Pipe Outer Wrapping Tape 15mil Outer Anti-corrosion Tape Pipe Outer Wrapping Butyl Adhesive Tape Polyethylene Butyl Rubber Waterproof Tape Pipe Coating Outer Wrap Tape 

Pipe Joint Wrapping Tape

POLYKEN Joint Wrap Tape Joint Anti-corrosion Wrap Tape Pipeline Joint Wrapping Tape 4"X 50' Pipe Joint Wrapping Tape Jining Qiangke Pipe Tape Black 6"x50 ft Jinigning Qiangke Pipe Joint Wrapping Tape 35mils Tape Coating For Joints & Fittings Pipe Joint Coating Wrapping Tape Bitumen Self-Adhesive Cold Application Tape With 1mm Pipe Joint Butyl Adhesive Tape With Yellow Pipe Joint Butyl Rubber Corrosion Protection Yellow Tape Pipe Joint Coating Wrapping Grey Tape Polyethylene Pipe Joint Protection Grey Tape PE Pipe Joint Anti-corrosion Protection Grey Tape PE Pipe Joint Anti-corrosion Protection white Tape PE Bitumen Pipeline Repair Tape PE Anti-Corrosion Pipe Repair Tape PE Pipe Anti-Corrosion Protection Materials Polyethylene Butyl Rubber Pipe Joint Tape Polyethylene Butyl Rubber Black Anti-corrosion Tape 

Pipe Polypropylene Anticorrosion Tape

Pipeline Polypropylene Anti-corrosion Tape Polypropylene Pipeline Adhesive Tape Polypropylene Cold Applied Tape Pipeline Anti-corrosion PP Woven Tape PP Woven Anti-Corrosive Adhesive Tape PP Waterproof Rubber Protection Tape Polypropylene Butyl Adhesive Protection Tape Polypropylene Pipeline Cold Wrapping Tape Polypropylene Pipe Anti-Corrosion Wrap Tape PP Anti-Corrosion Pipe Coating Wrapping Tape Polypropylene Anti-corrosion Pipe Coating Tape Polypropylene Bitumen Adhesive Pipe Coating Wrapping Tape Polypropylene Coating Masking Pipe Wrap Tape Polypropylene Anti-Corrosion Pipe Repair Tape Polypropylene Cold Applied Pipeline Bitumen Tape Polypropylene Joint Wrap Bitumen Adhesive Tape Polypropylene Corrosion Protection Bitumen Tape Polypropylene Underground Gas Pipe Wrap Tape PP Pipeline Cold Wrapping Bitumen Tape PP Pipeline Cold Wrapping Bitumen Protection Tape 

Pipe Heat Shrinkable Tape

Pipeline Anti-corrosion Heat Shrinkable Tape POLYKEN Anti-corrosion Hot Applied Shrinkable Tape POLYKEN Heat Shrinkable Sleeve Polyethylene Hot Applied Shrinkable Protection Tape Hot Applied Shrinkable Anti-Corrosion Tape Hot Applied Shrinkable Pipe Corrosion Protection Tape PE Hot Shrinkable Pipeline Anti-corrosion Protection Tape PE Hot Shrinkable Waterproof Protection Joint Tape PE Heat Shrinkable Pipeline protection Sleeve PE Hot Shrinkable Pipe Coating Wrapping Tape PE Hot Shrinkable Anti-Corrosion Pipe Wrap Tape 

Waterproof Aluminium Foil Tape

Pipeline Waterproof Aluminium Foil Tape Car's Insulation Aluminum Butyl Tape Skylights Waterproof Aluminum Foil Tape Aluminum Foil Butyl Tape Waterproof Aluminium Foil Wrap Tape 1.0mm Waterproof Aluminium Foil Tape 1.2mm Aluminum Flashing Butyl Tape Aluminum Flashing Waterproof Rubber Tape Aluminum Foil Butyl Adhesive Tape Aluminum Foil Butyl Rubber Protection Tape Aluminum Foil Pipe Coating Anti-corrosion Tape Aluminum Foil Pipe Corrosion Protection Tape Aluminum Foil Butyl Pipeline Protection Tape Aluminum Foil Cold Applied Pipeline Tape Aluminum Foil Self Adhesive Waterproof Rubber Tape 

PVC Insulation Tape

PVC Pipe Wrap Tape PVC Insulation Anti-corrosion Tape PVC Self-adhesive Insulation Tape 0.5mm Thickness PVC Pipe Tape PVC Pipe Anti-corrosion Wrap Tape PVC Butyl Rubber Pipe Wrapping Tape PVC Self Adhesive Pipe Wrapping Tape Pvc Rubber Adhesive Protection Tape PVC Pipe Coating Wrapping Tape PVC Pipe Waterproof Coating Wrap Tape PVC Pipe Waterproof Protection Wrap Tape 

Petrolatum Tape

Pipeline Petrolatum Anti-corrosion Tape Petrolatum Anti-corrosion Protection Tape Petrolatum Pipe Wrap Tape Petrolatum Anticorrosive Wrap Tape Petrolatum Cold Applied Wrap Tape Petrolatum Tape For Oil Tank Edge Protection Petrolatum Corrosion Protection Wrap Tape Petrolatum Storage Tank Anti-corrosion Protection Tape Petrolatum Coating Wrapping Tape Petrolatum Anti-Corrosive Pipeline Wrapping Coating Tape Petrolatum Cold Applied Anti-Corrosion Tape Petrolatum Waterproof Protection Tape Petrolatum Pipe Coating Wrapping Tape 

Liquid Adhesive Primer

Pipeline Liquid Adhesive Primer Pipeline Anti-corrosion Liquid Adhesive Primer Cold Applied System Adhesive Primer Pipe Anti-Corrosion Adhesive Primer 

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